What System1A does?

Facilitates efficient financial accounts communication with customers and suppliers bringing about timeous cash receipts and payments

Provides a uniquely innovative design and systems approach in delivering value driven benefits to all participants

Manages business account interactions incorporating electronic document management and working with all major accounting systems

Incorporates e-billing, e-invoicing, automatically linking signed delivery notes and supporting documents to invoices

Engages with your customers and suppliers through email and a self service portal

Generates financial decision-making reports with consolidated information that can be drilled down into micro detail

Saves time and money on administrative tasks and related costs fast tracking outstanding payment commitments

System1A for your business

Highest Availability and Fully Scalable Cloud Based Solution Freeing Up Networks, Resources and Time

Best Security Practices and Information Technology Standards

Speed of Implementation

Complete Ongoing Support
Extensive Client Base and Testimonials

Results Based Documentation

No Obligation and No Cost Proof of Concept

No Contracts or Variable Costs

Uniquely Innovative Value Driven
Valid Tax Invoices Compliant with Revenue Services – Meeting Encryption, Storage, Tracking, Audit and Technical Requirements

Privacy of Personal Information and General Data Protection Regulation Compliant

International Legislative Compliance