Financial Information Symmetry

integrated with

Account Management Tools

One application to manage all your company's accounts, communications, deliveries, interactions, payments, receipts and reporting.

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Effective Collection of Accounts Due

Electronically generates and sends statements, credit notes, invoices, delivery notes and all supporting documents. Automatic linking of POD's to invoices together with any other supporting documents.

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Easy Document Delivery
and Archiving

Immediate distribution of documents to required recipients in bulk and also segregated into groups. Complete document delivery with all supporting documents.

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Efficient Communication
and Tracking

Automate communication to customers based on required selection criteria. Manage and communicate based on defined exception criteria.

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Complete Customer and Supplier Document Management

Manage all documents that are required based on defined access rights. Search, view and send these documents whenever needed.

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Smart Document Imaging
and Mobile Engagement

Seamlessly scan delivery notes and supporting documents from any branch or location. Documents can be scanned individually or in batches.

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Analytical and Insightful Reporting

Real time on demand reports provide information in a multi-indexed format to view statuses, monitor activity and make decisions.

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