About Us

Why we created System1A

Working as accounting and business information systems specialists we were repeatedly made aware, across the spectrum of different size businesses, of the same efficiency shortfalls. These included the use of manual reporting tools like spreadsheets and non-integrated applications for financial planning and tracking of collections. This was often even further complicated by the limitations in accessing the required data from the accounting ERP system in a meaningful and complete structure specific to account interaction analysis.

The conceptualization of System1A is designed to provide the solution to these challenges and extend even further the efficiency gains to companies by incorporating innovative tools into One Application.

Our Values

System1A's entire team is passionate about making a difference to people in their everyday business interactions. This commitment is achieved through innovating solutions that are value-driven to meet business needs and challenges. For this purpose our dedicated team has a set of business values that they apply and share with our customers in providing service excellence.

Being thoughtful

Giving our best

Innovating ahead

An inquisitive open mind

Growing people

Acting with integrity

Ensuring extensive value

Making a difference

Providing clarity