Account Management Tools

Effective Collection of Accounts Due

Send all required documentation to facilitate payments.

Automatically link's POD's and invoices together with any other supporting documents.

Electronically generates and sends statements, credit notes, invoices, delivery notes and all supporting documents.

Identifies incomplete documents and information necessary to ensure payment.

Provides automated payments due notifications.

Highlights potential payment risk and where attention should be focused to collect on overdue accounts.

Easy Document Delivery and Archiving

Immediate distribution of documents to required recipients in bulk and also segregated into groups.

Complete document delivery with all supporting documents.

Search and respond by email any requested documents for an account.

Fully supports multiple email addresses.

Company departments have quick access to current and historic documents and information.

Documents are archived for the required compliance and legislative period.

Efficient Communication and Tracking

Automate communication to customers based on required selection criteria.

Manage and communicate based on defined exemption criteria.

Detailed reports provide information on email delivery status and communication tracking.

Know which accounts have been delivered and which email addresses need to be updated.

Respond to requests and provide feedback to queries that are tracked ensuring task completeness .

Complete Customer and Supplier Document Management

Manage all documents that are required based on defined access rights.

Search, view and send these documents whenever needed.

Immediately find and download documents to meet audit, customer and supplier requirements.

Dramatically reduce administrative tasks and costs by having a digital archive that is secure, centralized and user profile based.

Assign document characteristics to proactively manage them.

Smart Document Imaging and Mobile Engagement

Seamlessly scan delivery notes and supporting documents from any branch or location. Documents can be scanned individually or in batches.

Sign on Glass delivery notes at your customers.

Proof of delivery and other signed documents are automatically linked and indexed.

Quickly and easily search and send these documents to customers.

Mobile interactions and document scanning requiring no software.

Analytical and Insightful Reporting

Real time on demand reports provides information in a multi-indexed format to view statuses, monitor activity and make decisions.

Regulatory reports are designed to assist with compliance requirements such as IFRS9 valuations, classifications and identification of payment risks.

Reports based on user specific profiles

High level and graphical views that can be drilled down into the required targeted details.

Download reports dynamically generated at any time to Excel.

System1A for your business

Highest Availability and Fully Scalable Cloud Based Solution Freeing Up Networks, Resources and Time

Best Security Practices and Information Technology Standards

Speed of Implementation

Complete Ongoing Support
Extensive Client Base and Testimonials

Results Based Documentation

No Obligation and No Cost Proof of Concept

No Contracts or Variable Costs

Uniquely Innovative Value Driven
Valid Tax Invoices Compliant with Revenue Services – Meeting Encryption, Storage, Tracking, Audit and Technical Requirements

Privacy of Personal Information and General Data Protection Regulation Compliant

International Legislative Compliance