The 5 best-kept secrets of modern accounts receivable management

How did your company cope during the pandemic? Was it a catalyst, accelerating your modernization efforts? Were you well positioned to proactively address the need for adaptability and resilience in financial operations by investing in integrating Accounts Receivable processes with your ERP system?

If your AR department is still navigating this journey, you've come to the right place. Our latest article dives into the world of modern AR teams that have embraced this digital shift. We're unraveling their five best-kept secrets, showcasing how they navigate and excel in an era of digital transformation.
So, what are the five best-kept secrets?

From leveraging cutting-edge technology to embracing a customer-centric approach, these secrets are the keys to unlocking a new realm of efficiency and effectiveness in AR.

Secret 1: Customer-friendly, clearly defined billing policies with all relevant information provided

Clear and user-friendly billing policies are a straightforward yet often overlooked strategy that can preempt the need for intensive collection efforts. It can also lead to quick wins and yield long-term benefits. Enhancing transparency and trust leads to faster payments and improved cash flow.

To achieve this, ensure your billing policies are direct and easy to understand, with explicit payment due dates, consequences for late payments, and accepted payment methods. But the differentiating factor boils down to ensuring all supporting documentation is readily available to the client, especially during collections, making it much easier for your customers to verify precisely what they need to pay.

Secret 2: Unleash the power of centralized communication in modern AR management

Have you ever had to urgently locate an email detailing a customer's payment plan just before an important call? Or missed the deadline because a team member was away? It's time to say goodbye to scattered information and hello to the streamlined efficiency of centralized AR management.

  • Instant access to customer histories: One click away, no more frantic digging through inboxes
  • Real-time team collaboration: Shared data, accessible to everyone, regardless of vacations or new hires
  • Reduced errors and omissions: Automated reminders and alerts help minimize human error and ensure that crucial tasks are always remembered
  • Improved efficiency: Access to a single source of truth for all AR team members streamlines processes and saves time
  • Automated nudges: Timely reminders for your team to follow up on overdue invoices, while customers are proactively notified about impending payments through personalized communication
  • Improved customer experience: Automated reminders inform customers about what amounts are about to become due at the end of the month so they're prepared beforehand, leading to faster payments and happier customers

AR automation software seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system, creating a unified, secure hub for all your AR data, making crucial information instantly accessible to every team member at any time. Read more about the benefits of integrating AR automation into your ERP system: ERP for finance: Beyond your ERP systems.

Secret 3: Use data-driven communication to get the timing and content right

Modern AR teams are leveraging predictive models to identify customers likely to delay payments, which allows for early intervention to mitigate issues.

Data analytics also enhances AR practices, serving multiple functions. It helps set suitable credit limits, mitigate bad debt risk, and forecast customer payment patterns to improve cash flow management. This approach enables identifying customers at risk of churn, facilitating the deployment of targeted retention strategies, and timely payment alerts. 

Secret 4: Put customers first with customer-centric AR management

Instead of chasing payments, customer-centric AR management strategies focus on more personalized communication that doesn't make it sound like a cold, heartless creditor is chasing their customers.

This approach is all about building personal rapport by incorporating elements like using customers' names, the appropriate tone, and relevant information specific to their customers.

To leverage the benefits of customer-centric AR strategies, client-facing teams must have a window into internal accounts receivable collection processes for consistent communication and a complete client invoice remittance experience.
AR automation software is the key to this all.

Secret 5: Automation has transformed Accounts Receivable

Automation has transformed how businesses handle invoicing, payment tracking, and communication. AR software automates bulk invoice processes, reducing repetitive tasks like invoice generation and account reconciliations. This shift enables AR teams to implement balanced dunning strategies, combining automation with a personal touch for more effective collections.

Additionally, automation facilitates real-time tracking of payments and receivables, providing timely financial insights for streamlined cash flow management. This efficiency frees finance departments to focus on strategic initiatives and offers CFOs more accurate data for informed decision-making.

Unlock modern AR management with System1A

System1A allows you to manage all your company's accounts, communications, deliveries, interactions, payments, receipts, and reporting - in one application.

What AR management secrets can System1A unlock?

1. Customer-friendly, clearly defined billing policies

System1A automates the generation of monthly statements, including all necessary supporting documents such as proof of deliveries, credit notes, and invoices.   
2. Embrace innovative communication channels

System1A enables direct communication between the collections team and clients through a real-time statement link, enabling immediate query resolution and credit note processing.

3. Data-driven communication and customer-centric AR Management

System1A enhances collections management by offering detailed insights into customer payment behaviors and patterns, which aids in reducing debtor days outstanding and improving cash flow. Its comprehensive reporting capabilities allow for the breakdown of collections by customer, enabling effective identification and management of key exceptions in the collections process.

4. Automating Accounts Receivable

System1A integrates with many existing ERP systems to provide automated invoicing, streamlined communication, insightful data analytics, efficient document management, and advanced reporting. This integration simplifies the accounts receivable process, making it more efficient and accessible for businesses across diverse sectors and sizes.

Discover how System1A's all-in-one application can transform your AR department. 
Book a trial or demo to explore its capabilities.

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